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  1. I don’t know if this measures up, but each July 4th we help sponsor a neighborhood block party on our cul de sac. We end up putting a lot of work into preparation, open our backyard, coordinate food, donate to the fireworks, put up tables, make lemonade, buy food etc. I enjoy it so much, and get a kick out of young families who get to experience a neighborhood event, often for the first time in their lives if they are new. This year my wife, Susan, while walking to each door to invite neighbors accidentally knocked on the door of a man who lost his five year old to a drowning many years ago— on Independence Day. Word was, let the man be on this day: he just can’t come. Well, he didn’t come this year either, but my wife stopped by a couple days after inviting him, when he had shared with her the details of his tragedy, and left a sympathy card for his anniversary. Apparently he later posted a thank you on our neighborhood Facebook page. Susan paid it forward.

  2. I took three widowers to a gospel music concert and took along a pizza so they could have a snack after the concert before we drove the one and a half hours back home.

  3. God is Good all the time and its always been an honor to pay blessings forward! I was at the Post Office in Oak Park when I had an opportunity to meet a homeless man sitting on steps sweating in the hot weather. I stopped and asked if when I finished would he like something to eat and drink. He hesitated and then said that would be nice. When I finished I approached him again and asked what would he like to eat. He said McDonalds. I said I think we can do better than that. I asked him to trust me choosing his treat. I did inform him “you will eat what I eat” can we agree its ok. Just let me know if you are a meat eater! We laughed. He seemed nervous yes doubtful. A women heard me say I will be right back. She approached him and said I will be back too. She had promised him some money. Now he seemed excited but you could see the doubt in his eyes. I returned with Boston chicken and ribs special and all the works including corn bread and yes chocolate cake desert. When you pay your blessing forward let me remind you to take the beautiful moments reactions in. When he saw Boston Chicken bag his eyes open with delight and huge smile when I said thank you for trusting my taste in his surprise meal. Just then the women who promised him money returned. I asked her if she would take a photo of us I wanted to post on my social media as a reminder to do something special. Yes this homeless man was sweating some would say stinky, but the smile was so beautiful it didn’t matter. I put my hands around him. It was great as he leaned on me and our heads touched. I asked permission and gave him a kiss on the for head and we proceeded to pray over our food. Again that one moment of paying forward in Officer Thor’s honor made the memory of his soul come alive in that man. I have always believed in paying blessing forward they do return in abundance. Thank you for keeping your husbands memory alive and reminding us that it is the surprising things we do for strangers that can mean so much to both of our souls!

  4. I will volunteer at a clothing bank tomorrow. I actually talk with those who come with respect and love.

  5. Remembering and honoring Thor’s commitment to the police department, and his desire for the department to be a positive part of the community, I’ve scheduled an in-person lunch delivery for the Simi Valley Police Department on July 7th. I will include a photo of Thor and I’ve already shared this project with the watch commander on-duty. A photo will go out highlighting this remembrance of Thor, and the department will enjoy Panera Bread sandwiches and cookies as the honor Thor.

    Love you, lady!

  6. I paid it forward to a lady at an international market – she was buying lots of veggies and 2 big bags of black beans – there was so much love at the checkout!

  7. Taking time out to put together an simply appreciation basket (candles, wine, love tokens, oils, ect.) to recognize a officer within my own district that does little things (bringing in fresh flowers, snack, smiling with a big hello, ect) to build the moral for other officers in the district as we all know the job brings it own stresses. Recognizing and acknowledging the choose officer so they are also seen, heard, loved and appreciated…….Highlight the LITTLE things!

  8. After attending the flag ceremony for Officer Thor (what a cool name!) this morning with my aunt and uncle (I’m 7 years old), I helped them pay it forward by buying breakfast for a table of Police Officers at Palace Grill and handing out Subway gift cards to people outside the Pacific Garden Mission. The people were so happy with the gift cards, they all said, “God bless you!” I told my aunt, “It feels good to do good!”
    Thank you, Officer Thor and Family, for this opportunity to teach our nephew the value of paying it forward! May God bless you!
    -Ralph and Sarah Cruz

  9. Surprising a dear friend with some flowers to brighten their day!
    RIP Thor- you will never be forgotten.

  10. I belong to a fb book club and payed it forward by picking someone in the uk 🇬🇧 that sometimes has a harder time acquiring books without exorbitant shipping costs! Just imagining her on the shores of Hull reading one of my favorite authors does my heart good!

  11. When I was shopping at Gamestop one of the employees that I talk to all the time was getting off work. It was over 95 and humid, he was going to walk to the bus since his car was in the shop. I decided to offer to take him home so he could avoid the heat. He appreciated the act of kindness. I’m glad I can make at least one person’s view of CPD a positive one.

  12. My husband was going to town and passed a young man walking. It is 101’ and feels like 109’.
    My husband ran his quick errand and returning home he saw the young man again. With the heat he was concerned for him, so he turned around, ask his destination. It was the water company to get a permit to get water., so my husband took him to the water company.

  13. We had two sofas for sale on Facebook market place. When the buyers arrived, they told us their story of why they needed the sofas and we decided to donate the sofas to them in memory of Thor💜

  14. I try to do something small each day – bringing a cooler filled with water on the hottest days at work and passing it out to people I see during my tour – kids at a park, the homeless that live in the district, officers that are stuck on a detail, leaving the “nice” soap and sanitary products in the bathrooms at work, or paying for a coffee at Dunkin and hoping the kindness keeps spreading. Thor would tell us stories in our homeroom (09-2B) about how he would bring extra food to give to citizens in need that he would see in his tour of duty.
    I appreciate him for leading by example and spreading kindness everywhere that he went. He is always in my heart.

  15. Today I was able to throw a new friend a birthday celebration when they didn’t have one, and I got to participate with some coworkers in buying a coworker who’s struggling with money some new clothes. This email has also inspired me to keep some extra giveaway food in my car (a great idea), on my way to the store tomorrow to pick some up!

    Miss you every day Tio.

  16. Here’s my kindness: I will be donating money to Billy Boy’s Blueberry Farm. The money will be used for those people who don’t enough to enjoy blueberries.I have been doing this for a number of years and the people seem to enjoy being gifted and hear the story of Thor☮️

  17. I was at my favorite Chicago diner where many police officers eat. I paid for their table’s food!!

  18. I have been thinking of Thor and of you, Jen, all week. Today I reached out to a friend who is going through something impossible. I gave her comfort and support in honor of Thor. Though I never met him in person, I know the love Thor shared with Jen, and his dedication to his work, will be remembered always. Let’s be more like Thor and remember to scatter acts of kindness every single day!!!

  19. Just sent pizzas to the Dyer, Indiana Police Department in honor of Thor! 🥰
    Love to pay it forward and I’m sure Thor is smiling down on this great day….

    Dyer Indiana, former Chicago resident and CPD officer’s daughter…

  20. I signed up to volunteer for crisis counseling for those affected from
    Highland park shooting as well as offering free slots for those needing therapy.
    I also bought a client of mine a book she was interested in so she can have her self care time.

  21. On Monday, I watched a woman purchase a fully assembled gas grill while I was in line at Fleet Farm. She declined the need for any help from the cashier, and the high school boy working the cash register looked relieved. How great to not have to put it together at home, I thought!

    When walking to my truck, I noticed the same woman standing next to her VERY small SUV thinking about how to get the grill loaded and home. I asked to give her a hand and we got it loaded ever so carefully in the back of her car. She thanked me and went inside to ask for some rope to finish the job, not wanting to inconvenience me anymore.

    After getting my truck washed and driving through the same parking lot 20 minutes later, I noticed the grill was still in the same precarious position, hanging out of the back of the SUV, with the woman nowhere to be found. Presuming she was still in the store, I decided to finish the job myself with bungee cords, duct tape, and a ratchet strap from the back of my truck. No need to stick around for a thank you, just hoping she will take the same opportunity to Pay it Forward with someone else 🙂

  22. Passed out gift cards to police officers and duty and homeless who asked for help throughout downtown Chicago, and told them about Thor.

  23. I was in a terrible hurry but stopped to tell a neighbor they had left their car door open in the driveway – and more to come!

  24. I helped a stranded motorist on 90/94 on my way back to Indiana. I also bought lunch for a random woman at a cafe. I also talked with a homeless women and daughter on the street and gave them some money. They just arrived as refugees and have nothing.

  25. I sent several friends photos of special moments in their lives (weddings, 1st birthday of a child, a successful conference they had developed, etc.) with a little note of love and friendship.

  26. I said, “I just got an email that someone spent all of our credit card points today. I’ve never heard of that kind of credit card fraud.” Kym said, “I used them all to buy stuff for the social worker at Creekside [Elementary School].” #Payitforwardforthor

  27. Here’s my kindness: each year I am called to do something different. This year I donated money to a hard working caregiver who is dealing with unexpected financial strain. -honoring the spontaneity of giving and paying to forward to someone who gives of themselves for others daily. Roxanne D.

  28. “I surprised co-workers with notes about why I love working with them and thanking them for being great.”

  29. My side gig to support my family is working as a ride-share driver in the evenings and on weekends. Today I decided to give my first rider a free trip, regardless of where they were going. I was afraid it might not work for various reasons, but when John (not his real name) hopped in my car and I offered him a free ride, he accepted without hesitation. There may have been a bit of a language barrier as I tried to tell him about Thor and my reason for the offer, but I guess it didn’t matter. He appreciated the free trip. While I really like getting paid at the end of a night or day’s work, I have to admit, it also felt good helping someone else out. I may just have to do this again.

  30. Always offering a cold bottle of water to the officers who work traffic control at Montrose Harbor on busy summer weekends. We couldn’t enjoy Chicago’s beautiful lakefront without all CPD does.

  31. I bought Thor popsicles for two homes on my block: one with three kids and not a lot of disposable income (they shared with me) and one with an aging lady who loves a visit and a gift (she did not choose to share but to talk) … not sure which was more appreciated,

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