2023: CLICK HERE and share how you paid it forward!

Each year, I ask you to do a little good in the world in Thor’s memory. Unexpected kindness is a powerful healer and salve in these difficult times! Comment on this post (by clicking title above) to tell us what you did! #payitforwardforthor #rememberingthor

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  1. Contributed to Billy Boys Blueberry farm for people who can’t afford to buy the berries. They also give a brief overview of Thor’s life. ❤️☮️

  2. I’m still helping my friend with daughter(s) issues by talking to him about reality vs the past as they are now adults in their 30’s…navigating life.

    He is also trying to make an exit plan after 30+ years of university employment, mostly teaching, to the unknown afterlife of change as a man without a demanding university job of regularity.

    My friend has Choice’s currently with unsettling unknowns to him ….without a wife or partner to share the remaining years…

    Friendship, constant talking/texting, lunch exposure to me, face to face human interaction is my kindness to be a friend.

  3. 2 to 3 times per week I work in a clothing closet. The people I meet are priceless I’ve had occasion to help immigrants and their families. Thor would be proud because at this free store we have lots of belts

  4. We had a lot of ideas at family lunch. Ultimately we landed on buying a pizza and taking it to a homeless camp we saw earlier in the day. The folks there were very grateful. The kids were glad to do it.
    And Will also rescued a trapped frog and returned it to a creek!

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