See how we all Paid It Forward in 2020!

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What is paying it forward?

The core idea behind paying it forward is the importance of kindness. Paying it forward is about doing random acts of kindness.  The more unexpected, the better!  Unexpected kindness improves the world – it communicates how much we value each other as humans and tells people – even people we don’t know – that they matter and are valued.

97 Replies to “See how we all Paid It Forward in 2020!”

  1. I wanted to let you know that in Thor’s memory I raised with the help of a lot of supporters over 2400.00 for the Ride for Kids, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation organization.

  2. In Thor’s Memory I… have given financial assistance to those that I have seen in need.
    I plan to continue this act in the memory of Thor who always looked to help others .

    1. I’m honor of Thor, I remind people why and how we serve and protect others and ourselves. I also try to encourage officers everyday to stay positive!!

  3. Brought a container of food to six homeless people I see. My job supplies us with dinner every day and throws it out at the end, so on Saturday I took an entire Shepard’s pie, divided it by the six homeless people I see every day driving, and brought one to each of them.

  4. Thor was my home room instructor and in situations where I feel frustrated or angry, I try to take a breath and ask myself “What would Thor do?”

    This week I am trying to do small acts each day. I purchased lunch for the officers on my watch on Sunday and today I visited a friend in need. I am looking forward to how I can Pay it Forward the rest of the week.

  5. I was out to lunch with some friends and saw two police officers having lunch and I told our waiter to bring me their checks and don’t tell them who bought their lunch.

  6. When I was driving a saw someone with a broken down car so I stopped to give them a jump start. In memory of Thor I will continue to do acts of kindness and encourage others to do it as well ❤

  7. We dropped off Girl Scouts Cookies and a note of appreciation in Thor’s honor to our police station. He will never be forgotten! 💖🙏🏽

  8. Today on my way to work I gave a homeless veteran my water and some food as he was standing on the off ramp at Division. I feel Thor would’ve done the same.

  9. I gave a homeless man my cold bottle of water, he was sitting in the hot sun and I had an extra few bottles for my bike ride today.

  10. I sent a card of encouragement to my fellow widow’s Mother who is in a nursing home and by herself.

  11. Let me tell you what I did: I am mailing 100 notes to potential voters in Florida for 2020! I shared a historical video regarding the timing, meaning & constructing monuments in the US.
    The current narrative regarding the role of Police, reminds me of the compassion and trust with which Thor demonstrated daily in his work! Badley needed today!

  12. I remember my friend Emily early loved bananas and she dint have a lunch so I gave her my banana and from that day I knew that this is not something u do every day

  13. Let me tell you what I did
    We collect little things that I can get by couponing and
    Saving labels, for free items to give to family special child .
    Funny thing how does a senior buy too much chocolate fat free milk…
    I know a few who glee in laughter….we got chocolate milk from….
    Remembering each night all our Officers serving and all fellow
    Chicago Police Department Gold Star Families

  14. I set up a monthly donation to my local food bank.

    I reminded my husband that we are all lifetime learners, that there is no wrong way to try.

  15. Here’s my kindness:
    The park across the street from my house has been littered with food debris, bottles and spent fireworks. Today I cleaned up all the muck and it looks lovely again for the social distance gatherers, dog walkers and kids <3

  16. I bought breakfast for two tables of Chicago police officers on Sunday, July 5th, to show them that their hard work was appreciated

  17. I sent a donation to Wings of Rescue, a non profit charity that flies animals from overcrowded shelters to sister shelters that have room and adopters ready to give homes to animals. On July 4th and 5th, Wings of Rescue flew 250 cats and dogs from Puerto Rico shelters to mainland shelters waiting for them.

    I also donated to the Doris Day Animal League supporting efforts to honor Cecil the Lion killed 5 years ago by a US trophy hunter who illegally lured Cecil from the sanctuary where he lived with bait, and shot him with a bow and arrow, wounding him but allowing him to escape, wandering, suffering and hiding for days before h as tracked down and killed. He then skinned Cecil and took his head as trophies. Cecil was a world famous black maned lion and part of a large scientific study of lions. His death not only killed the male leader of a pride of lions, endangering his cubs, who would normally be killed by another alpha male lion taking over Cecil’s pride. Fortunately, one of Cecil’s adult sons took leadership and accepted the cubs as his own.

    And yesterday specifically, I took a litter of foster kittens to my own vet (and paid their bill) in order to have them examined and treatment prescribed for persistent diarrhea.

  18. Here’s my 1st kindness in honor of Thor.
    I was on a mini vacation in Mendocino celebrating my friend’s 70th birthday and I went into a store and the owner told me she had to close the store because her co-worker’s husband died 2 days ago. I gave her a you are not alone card.
    I thought of Thor and reminded myself to pay it forward whenever possible.

  19. We bought the groceries for the person in front and behind us in line! It was great fun! THANKS for the reminder to be kind and good to each other

  20. Let me tell you what I did:
    I trimmed a neighbor’s neglected weed that grew to a tree blocking part of the garage. I also watered another neighbor’s garden because they are out of town.
    I intend to do random acts of kindness and dedicate them to Thor all year long.
    Thanks for the great idea.
    Hope all is well with you and yours .

  21. I’ll be walking a 5K later this month with my friend Pam and her sister/family. Proceeds from the race go to Donor Alliance of Colorado. Four years ago, Pam donated 60% of her liver to save her sister’s life and I have walked this event with them each year since. Even before that, I participated in this event every year as this cause, and blood product donation, have been a passion of mine for some time. I’m a regular platelet donor… I donate at least a double unit of platelets every other Sunday in an effort to pay it forward!

  22. I bought recovery juice for a few people at the gym today. Such a small thing big smiles when I saw them! Love you friend!

  23. My act of kindness:

    I sent my best friend flowers. I’m hoping the small surprise will brighten her week.
    RIP Thor

  24. Well, I could do better but just proactively waited for our new mail carrier, said hello from a distance, offered and delivered water (with a side of hand sanitizer)!!!

  25. Here’s my kindness:

    A friend of mine is redoing her patio and I surprised her with new pillows and a bottle of wine. Good wine that I would have liked to keep for myself! Thinking of Thor and the difference he made in the world, and feeling so grateful that through this Pay It Forward Day he can keep making a difference through the acts of kindness done in his name.

  26. Let me tell you what I did:
    As my way to say Thank You to Everybody at the Police Academy who Always Help & Support me ………. I provided 150 wrapped muffins for their breakfast.

    Then while waiting at LaSalle Street station I bought a cold bottle of water for a passenger who didn’t have enough money.

  27. Let me tell you what I did:
    My husband donated $50 to a food pantry in Norwood Park this morning.

  28. I delivered pizza and pasta to the clinical engineering office at the University of Chicago Hospital’s COVID unit AND to my neighborhood police station. Big smiles!!

  29. I did my pay it forward early 110 masks to people at work and I bought a girl in North Carolina 6 balloons for her birthday on Saturday

  30. In Thor’s memory we bought our neighbor ice cream for a cold day. We also got did their grocery shopping for them so that they could stay safer.

  31. Contribution to My Block My Hood My City (Chicago)
    Picked up someone else’s dog’s poop so no one would step in it.

  32. I paid it forward for Thor by writing letters to six seniors in assisted living facilities during this COVID time of isolation. I hope this provides a bit of happiness during this very lonely time.

  33. There’s a woman who is often outside my grocery store who I bought dinner for. We spoke for about twenty minutes, talking about her life, her struggles, and about my uncle Thor and the things he stood for.

  34. Driving to work I saw a woman sitting in the scolding heat. I approached and told her about Thor. Offered her a ride to her destination. We talked about Thor and his kind acts. She shared her kind act with me and she posted it on this website. Thanks stranger for accepting and helping keep Thor’s memory alive. You will never be forgotten

  35. I gave me Hinkley water man and mailman a thank you card and a small monetary gift – counts as two:)

  36. My Friend Barb donated 40 masks (she hand makes these) to a women’s wellness clinic for pregnant moms

  37. Provided water and cash to a man who needed it in the heat.

    Provided groceries and delivery to a friend.

    Provided clothing and a bath chair to an elderly person with an injury.

  38. Here’s my kindness: In Thor’s memory we donated to a high school student whose mother just passed away and whose father died when she was an infant. She’s a strong resilient young woman but she needs a community to support her now. She needs people to move beyond compassion to action..just like Thor seemed to do regularly and effortlessly.

  39. Here’s my kindness:

    I had fun today! I wrote a nice thank you note to one of our tenants and gave him some chocolate chip cookies and brownies. I thanked him for being a tenant with us for the last 17 years!!!! His anniversary day was actually July 1. We let him know that we valued him as a person and a tenant. He was very surprised and wrote us a nice note back by email and said he felt the same way about us. It felt good knowing he was shocked to know someone cared enough to acknowledge him. Thanks Jen and Thor!

  40. Sent $50 check for tracking assessment scholarship in name of Thor Soderberg.
    Helped my dad work on some projects that needed stronger hands…paying it forward for Thor!

  41. Was taking my daughter to get what she wanted for an early dinner before tutoring and saw a homeless man walk up to the corner with a sign saying “anything helps”. He looked exhausted and hungry. We went and got her dinner and something for him and a cold bottle of water. Came back around to pull up beside him and addressed him as “sir”. Gave him two packages of food and the water. He questioned if we were sure on both and we said of course, please enjoy. He thanked us and immediately opened the quesadilla and started eating. We didn’t tell him about Thor but I sure thought about him and so many others that made and make our world a better place. ❤️

  42. My assistant had to put her young dog Thor down today. Thor had been suffering from cancer around his heart after a failed surgery over the past week. In honor of Thor S. I called the vet and anonymously paid her bill.

  43. I continue to put together lunches every Sunday for the homeless on the streets of Chicago. Typically I use the expressway to go into the city and then exit at inner city exits. When I see people out begging with their paper cup or cardboard sign I stop and inquire. “I have no money for drugs or alcohol, but if you are hungry I have a lunch for you.” My lunches include:
    bottle of water
    fresh made sandwich
    salty treat, chips, cheetos, doritos, etc.
    granola bar
    a banana and another piece of fruit
    and chocolate candy bar

  44. I took a plate of desserts to the police station to thank them. Then made 8 bags of water, a sandwich, cookies & a banana for 8 homeless people.

  45. I bought a cheeseburger for a homeless 15 year old outside a restaurant, and tried to problem solve how he could get a job and more permanent housing.

  46. Here’s what I did
    – I saved the most beautiful pit bull from dying of heat inside a car and I made two new friends (the owners!) in the process
    – Tyrone and I donated over 100 pieces of clothing to a clothing drive
    – Gave all my trainers 2 rent free months because of COVID!

  47. Even though I am post surgery immobile, I figured out a way to buy coffee to 5 of my friends, and 2 of them already paid it forward too!!

  48. I was able to help an elderly woman today at dollar tree! She was struggling pushing her shopping cart to her car.

  49. Sorry I’m late posting. On Tuesday the boys (Jake 2, Luke 11 months) and I we’re at park and it started raining very hard. I noticed a mother and her child taking shelter under the play station, they had walked/bikes to park. I ran over and offered her a ride home. She accepted and we drive her, child and bike home.
    On Wednesday on our (the boys and me) on our way home stopped at the grocery and bought treats for the front desk staff at our local gym.
    On Thursday the boys and I went out of our way to help a neighbor deal with her unruly puppy that had gotten out and was roaming the road. (Funny trying to control babies and a strange dog at the same time).
    Today at the park we made a point of going around and saying hello to all the seniors sitting in the park.

  50. Let me tell you what I did:

    – Delivered a food box “Good Food” to my newly single mother friend to help her out
    – Went on a coffee date/walk with a friend and offered to pay for our coffees
    – Helped my aunt run her errands with a car since she doesn’t drive
    – Purchased a book on sleep for a friend who’s been struggling with her sleep patterns
    – Wrote thank you notes to friends who have supported me during my time of grief

    I am still committed to an act of kindness for the coming week and the weeks after that.

    I love you dearly Jen and I love how you choose to honor your husband Thor. I so wish I had met him. Sending you big hugs, my friend.

  51. Donation in memory of Thor Soderberg to Safe Haven: shelter and support services for women and children escaping domestic violence.

  52. I took my daughters to the local police station. Told two officers about Thor and gave them each a Starbucks gift card for all they do to help keep out community safe. We love and miss Thor and spreading his story keeps his memory alive!!!

  53. Bought a police office in my city dinner without him knowing it. We passed each other at the counter, often as men do, sizing each other up – both of us larger than average human beings as my neurosurgeon calls it. Adding race to the mix, this is usually a who can intimidate each other more moment. As the car I was in pulled off, he came out and said thank you, with a smile, and slightly perplexed look on his face. We are not enemies, and should not act like we are. I am sure I will see him again, although the masks might make it hard to recognize each other.

  54. I gave my Disney Plus login to a single mom with three kids so that they could watch Hamilton. (And more, I’m sure…)

  55. In Thor’s memory we donated to a high school student whose mother just passed away and whose father died when she was an infant. She’s a strong resilient young woman but she needs a community to support her now. She needs people to move beyond compassion to action..just like Thor seemed to do regularly and effortlessly.

  56. I trimmed a neighbor’s neglected weed that grew to a tree blocking part of the garage. I also watered another neighbor’s garden because they are out of town.
    I intend to do random acts of kindness and dedicate them to Thor all year long.
    Thanks for the great idea.

  57. I bought gift cards and am treating our officers as I see them. Been doing this for the last couple of weeks.

  58. Gave local police officers bottles of cold water on a very hot day

    Told them thanks for what they do and to stay safe

  59. I went to a blueberry farm in Indiana. On the way there is was feeling like a pay it forward day. There were two people at the counter ready to pay for their loads when I arrived. I paid for them, and told them all about Pay It Forward and Thor. One, a woman from another country, was shocked. She said she had never heard of such a thing, and was fascinated. The other, a grandmother and grandson, had a good conversation about what it all meant. The grandmother had even heard of Thor. They both promised to pay it forward and keep it going!

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